IRIDIUM BEAM Piracy Bundle

Prezzo: 2.427,02 EUR +IVA
Prezzo: 2.427,02EUR +IVA
EUR 2912.43 (IVA inclusa)
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* E' BENE CHIEDERE UN PREVENTIVO quando dovete abbinare prodotti particolari come un antenna ed il cavo, noi vi possiamo suggerire il cavo corretto per connettere il vostro telefono o la dock all'antenna scelta o aiutarvi a scegliere il prodotto migliore per le vostre esigenze.

Beam Communications has developed a packaged solution to ensure that communication is not broken down or lost when all power or communication equipment on board a vessel has been cut off or destroyed by pirates.

The solution offers a feature rich device which supports the following:

1) POTS/RJ11 connectivity - supports standard corded/cordless phones
2) In-built GPS engine - for tracking and monitoring, also compatible with tracking applications for periodic position reports or position status messages.
3) In-built Panic/Alert button – to activate and generate alert messages.

The BEAM Piracy Solution is a complete bundled installation that provides an immediate contact/message under threat. The unit’s GPS module provides pinpoint accuracy and enables tracking worldwide. Tracking and alert messages can be sent via SMS or Short Burst Data. Tracking and alert messages can be simply configured to tracking applications, SMS or email address as required.

Tracking messages can be sent via the following means;
1. Periodic position reporting, preset during configuration of the terminal
2. Upon an alert being activated via the Alert button on the cradle or connected alert button
3. A current location position can be sent at any time by simply pressing a button on the front of the unit

Alert/Alarm messages can be easily activated on the unit or alternatively an additional alert button or other trigger can be connected to the unit.

Once configured the alert system is always on and will generate an alert message to the preset destination once triggered. Alerts can be triggered to continually send until the alert is cleared either remotely or locally on the unit.

The back-up battery that comes with the package can last up to 48 hours on standby and/or 15 hours of talk time.           

Cosa include la confezione:
  • Iridium PotsDOCK RST702 Dual Mode Maritime Antenna Beam Custom Light / Antenna Enclosure
  • RST755 Privacy Handset
  • 12m Iridium Antenna Cable
  • 12m GSPS Antenna Cable
  • 10-32V DC Leads
  • 110-240V AC Plug Pack
  • RST995 Alert Button
  • RST996 50m Alert Wire
  • RST055 UPS Battery Pack
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IRIDIUM BEAM Piracy Bundle

EUR 2.427,02 + IVA
(USD 2.743,75)